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Since 1912, millions of women have had their lives positively influenced – sometimes transformed – by their Girl Scout experience.

Across America, more than 50 million women have been impacted by Girl Scouting. Since the inception in 1912, Girl Scouts has become the world’s preeminent organization for girls. Girl Scouts of the USA has long contributed to the success among girls and women by offering opportunities for personal and leadership development, exposure to role models, and community involvement. 

In order to better understand what success means to the women of America and what role Girl Scouting plays in their success, GSUSA commissioned a study, Defining Success: American Women, Achievement, and the Girl Scouts. The study conducted by Louis Harris & Associates, Inc., underscores just how strongly Girl Scouting is linked to success in later life.

According to the study, Girl Scout alumni have “strong positive memories” of a number of important experiences offered through Girl Scouting – such as trying new things, working with a group to accomplish a common goal, setting and achieving goals, and doing good things for the community. Most Girl Scout alumni believe that experiences in Girl Scouting had a positive effect on their adult lives.

Whether you are one of the 59 million women who were Girl Scouts or you were a volunteer or staff member who worked at the national or local level to help Girl Scouts reach their full potential, you are forever connected to a rich and vibrant movement.

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